Tuesday, August 4, 2009

End of the road, 23 Things

Woohooo, thank you, I have made it. Let's see, the question is, what have I done? Besides all the stress related to making sure my Things were done weekly, I had a great time learning new Things...honestly. My favorite Thing was probably Digg, I use Digg daily to keep up with new interesting stuff all the time. Tweeter was probably the most upsetting because I expected something cool that everyone is using instead I got a kind of cumbersome way of understanding dialogue and I did not necessarily get "it." At the time of me typing this in, there are probably a few million people who would disagree.

The challenging aspects were that there was so much with so little time to do the 23 Things. The learning went relatively smooth but because of a lack of time, I did not go through the process like I initially wanted to. For example, read about the Thing, do some research i.e. google, grab some coffee and really understand the Thing. ( I tend to take my time)

What we could use in the library that I was impressed with is Youtube. I really enjoyed seeing what the different libraries and their staffs had come up with. This was really neat.

Anyhoo, thank you and I have finally made it.

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