Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Methods 1 and 2: Library 2.0 and Web 2.0

Next, think about what you have read and seen. What are your thoughts regarding Web 2.0 and Library 2.0? What do the terms mean to you? To your library? Or libraries in general?

After reading and listening to some of the online material and YouTube videos, Web 2.0 is everything internet. YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Meebo, are small or big parts which help make the internet experience better each time . Web 2.0 is the connection and the use of these parts together to make the experience much more exciting and useful every time the net is used.

Library 2.0 for me means the the way in which the parts aforementioned, in addition to other library material, can be used for libraries. Blogger can be used to set up a blog for a local library to market programs to a community. Instant messaging can be used and is currently being used in a university library which I know of to answer questions some students may have.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

End of the road, 23 Things

Woohooo, thank you, I have made it. Let's see, the question is, what have I done? Besides all the stress related to making sure my Things were done weekly, I had a great time learning new Things...honestly. My favorite Thing was probably Digg, I use Digg daily to keep up with new interesting stuff all the time. Tweeter was probably the most upsetting because I expected something cool that everyone is using instead I got a kind of cumbersome way of understanding dialogue and I did not necessarily get "it." At the time of me typing this in, there are probably a few million people who would disagree.

The challenging aspects were that there was so much with so little time to do the 23 Things. The learning went relatively smooth but because of a lack of time, I did not go through the process like I initially wanted to. For example, read about the Thing, do some research i.e. google, grab some coffee and really understand the Thing. ( I tend to take my time)

What we could use in the library that I was impressed with is Youtube. I really enjoyed seeing what the different libraries and their staffs had come up with. This was really neat.

Anyhoo, thank you and I have finally made it.

Thing 22: Developing Things for our library

I always thought of myself as a little bit of a tech nerd until I did the 23 things. Just going through the 23 things like we did at the library increased the skill level amongst the staff, even more with me. Techno language has been updated to understand some of the conversations youth have and even if I have not encountered a question of this sort, I know I will at least have a good foundation to answer one. I am not qualified to answer how this program could be adapted because as far as I am concerned, many things can be adapted if one likes it to be that way. Specifically, library based dewey decimal type stuff.

To reiterate, just one more Thing remains!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Podcasting: Numero 21

Podcast, I had heard this term used many times before but I never fully understood what the term meant until the 23 Things. Podcasting can be a very useful tool in distributing information in a timely manner. For example, 23 Things, every week I could get an update of the next weeks assignment via audio and the podcatcher would add that to my list automatically. At first this seems too much because I am not used to things being sent or given to me automatically without having to do some research. The trick is finding a "podcast" which interests you and will keep you interested.

A few podcasts which I found interesting were about libraries. I saw a few videos about instructionals and I could see a timeline of older videos which allowed me to gauge the type of information disseminated. Though the concept is interesting I still did not find any podcast which I truly wanted to be a part of. Specifically, the concept of podcast is not yet fully grasped. Until I can fully understand I will continue to learn and ask questions.

This is the dilemma I am currently facing...not having podcast fully grasped.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thing 20: Youtube

Thing 20 required us to watch videos on a few and describe what we saw. I used the following questions to guide me about what to write: what were the videos trying to accomplish, how effective were they, and can I think of other uses for videos to help promote libraries or serve the public?

Three libraries which I chose were either in Texas or in Illinois. The first library I chose was in Plano and it talked about the technical services division. The video described what jobs are and the functions of the technical services division. It described the different personnell and jobs, technicians, librarians, etc. I found it overall effective in describing the section of technical services. Out of all three I found this one to be most conservative in the way the instruction was shown on video.

The next video I chose was located near a library where I grew up, Arlington Heights Memorial library, also the technical services department. I was given a few good facts, such as the library processes 300 items a day and there are AMT's which stand for Acquisiiton Material Team. This video was funny and compared the functions of working in a library department to an emergency room. This video was funny and is most effective in teaching people who know nothing about libraries how a library works.

The last video was actually from a college I used to attend over 14 years ago. The college is William Rainey Harper College from Illinois. This video described in general what a library does more specific an Academic library. The video was very funny and made a lasting impression but more so because of the humor and not so because of the information given.

I think videos would be a good way to introduce the public to their library and show patrons some of our weekly and monthly programs.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

19 out of 23 things thing

Google docs, wow if this really does work then people can get rid of their Microsoft Office and not have to worry...not really but it works well. I was talking to a guy at Best Buy the other day about getting an Apple computer. Now, I have never had one before but I wanted to see what it was about. The biggest complaint I had was that the software needed to interpret what I was getting from a computer in Windows using Microsoft Word to a computer using Mac software was a little expensive. From what the guy was telling me, the software is not full proof.

The good thing about Google docs, is that it is cheap and inexpensive, $0. The software is right on the net, so I should not have a problem unless Firefox and IE 8 are also incompatible. It is really not a bad idea and nowhere near the potential it can be at.

Wiki, wiki, wiki on to 18

I like Wikipedia because of the massive amounts of information they have,(though if one tried to use this for college as a reference, I am positive the assignment would be turned back.) Wikipedia is good for giving someone a starting point and helping one find resources for searching.

The Wetpaint site is a useful way for people to network. Just like MySpace and Facebook, a person usually gives some basic information and others can comment or not.