Saturday, May 30, 2009

Number 7: RSS Feeds

Don't you find that technology, if used correctly, is something really cool? I have that feeling with the Google Reader and RSS feeds. The guy on the Youtube video made alot of sense when he mentioned the feature of RSS is to update the person with information instead of a person having to look for the information...good point.

The flip side of this is and this may sound crazy, but I like how some websites look and the tidbits of information that I probably would not get if I have all the information transferred to one place. So, I think this is probably useful for someone who wants stock quotes, certain pieces of information, and not necessarily for the occasional browser. I know, I know, but this is what I would use this for.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thing 6:Aggregator

So far I have found Thing 6 to be one of the most useful quirky thingamajegs around. The "reader" allows one to connect to many websites at once by uploading new content to your "website," without having to go to each website the information is automatically uploaded!

I know it sounds as if I am repeating myself but this is a handy tool to have if one wants to be able to look at what he or she deems important relatively quickly. This tool comes in handy for those who have only a few minutes and want to check on a few things from one place. I will be using this tool during my 15 min. breaks.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thing 5: Same picture different stuff

ImageChef Custom Images

I am having a wonderful time with Flickr and Blogging. I am just finding out the importance of the applications and the world it can open up. Keeping extended family informed on how everything is going with the kids or even posting sort of an internet journal is a manner in which I might use this. Flickr is perhaps the only site I know of right now that I know how to use so I would be very apprehensive in suggesting anything else until another application is learned. I appreciate all comments, thank you.

Thing 4: More Flickr

The Letter \"J\" letter O letter S P1130511 letter p Vintage LEGO brick letter H

I finally learned how to put my name into the name changer...thing. It took me a long time in cyber world to figure out that I am supposed to put the HTML wording into the box, must of been five minutes but in cyber world that is a millenia. These are the images for the letters which it came up with and I think it looks great.

Photo searching

First time I ever used Flickr and it was surprisingly simple. The picture I chose to write about is, about my favorite animal, the English Bulldog. My wife will not let me have one yet but as of yesterday we have two Weimaraners, two Shorkies (half-shitzu, half-yorkie), and a cat. Whew, anyhow, Flickr was a pleasant surprise and I will add this to my "to-learn" list.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

23 Things participants

I first want to start off by saying hello to my fellow 23 Things participants.