Monday, June 29, 2009

Number 15: You Digg

Digging is cool, plain and simple. I am not talking about going out to the backyard and pulling up a bunch of weeds, I mean Digg. This is one of my favorite sites already because of the great things it can do. For any person who likes to look and see what people like nowadays this site has it all.

In the few minutes that I was able to log in and check the site, I found a lot of good information...information that I find good, I found out how to make the, Matrix "Merovingian Knot," found out about the movie Watchmen and more info on Iran.
The cool thing about Digg is the stuff that interests me is here, from information on the world to simple things like knot ties, movies and computer games. This site is awesome, I love it.

Another good thing is that I am able to use it on the phone as well.

Delicious: 14

Bookmarking and Tagging go hand in hand...I see this now. When I was writing about Tagging earlier, I was under the impression that it would be easy to run into trouble. As I learn about Bookmarking and Tagging, it is very easy to obtain a lot of good websites within a short period of time.

For example, with Bookmarking, I typed in Mixed Martial Art or MMA then I was taken to a site which showed other peoples choices then I clicked on the tags. I then went from there to other sites which I enjoy, sports, news, etc. All from the tags on the bookmarks!

Pretty cool if you ask me and easy. The only thing I wish I was able to find a way to use this on my iPhone.'re it.

Tagging seems like the same as typing in a keyword into Google search and finding something related to that keyword. The difference is "Tagging" or attaching meanings to words is informal...where as Google is more of the opposite.

I have personally used Tag before but in Facebook people can be "tagged" in pictures and assigned some sort of definition. If that make sense.

Many of the assignments can be used in libraries and this is no exception, though I probably would not recommend using Tag because of the inability to control the what is tagged and what is not.

If these past few paragraphs seem a little confusing, it is because I am not 100% confident that I know what Tagging is...though I am familiar.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twitter = Thing 12

Twitter...never thought I would be a part of this phenomena "heard round the world." The last time I heard Twitter on the news was when the kid who does the pranks, Ashton Kutcher had a "twitter-off" with CNN about who could reach 1 million Tweets? I apologize if this information is not 100% correct but I remember it as such.

The ability to get updates is something I find extremely useful...especially when it comes from the news. I cannot see myself actually texting others about my day to day activities but receiving "tweets" is refreshingly cool.

Tweet you later...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

11, yes number 11

Thing number 11 is about IM'ing. I remember when I was younger, the only IM software available was from AOL. Now, there is Yahoo and the one I chose which was Meebo. The cool thing about Meebo is that it allows one to traverse across many different types of IM'ing software. Instant Messaging is handy but for me texting is a little safer...not everyone can see what you are doing except for the phone companies.

I read an article not too long ago that suggested instant messaging was inappropriate for work, I argue if used properly, IM'ing can exponentially speed up many aspects of daily work...provided the job requires one to stay at the desk. Anyhooooow, on to the next thing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Thing 10 is now in the bag. As I was looking for networks, it felt as though Ning is more specific or at least the "blog pages" look different and have more options, at least to me it did than a regular blog. I hope this made sense.

When names of groups were put into the search box, the groups popped up and then when I asked to join, the paper work came then my birthdate, etc. One negative thing otherwise my experience was o.k. I unsuccessfully looked for my high school back in Chicago and could not find it but then I found a successful martial artist web page and ultimately signed on to a network about the city of Chicago and how to make it a more complete scene.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thing 9

Fedor, The Chicago Bears and CNN were the three groups I decided to join on Facebook. For anyone who follows MMA it is an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts and the number one ranked fighter for quite some time has been a fella in the heavyweight division named Fedor Emelianenko. CNN is where I get some of my news and of course, if anyone has been following my blog they know I am from there.

This is the first Facebook page I have done for myself. That being said, my wife did one for us a while ago and I must say I was astonished so many people found me. I never get on Facebook,but my wife is always giving me updates on what people write about me. Not all positive but will leave that for later.

I looked for one person and have no idea if it was that person because there was no picture. Otherwise I enjoyed signing up for the groups.

On to Numero Ocho

Yes, the title is partly in Spanish. MySpace and Facebook are both networking sites that I have heard used many times before but have never delved too much into them...until now.

Facebook is sorta like my new iPhone, serves its purpose but can be overwhelming. The possibilities are endless that I might be able to find an old high school buddy or like what happened on my wife's Facebook, an old girlfriend of mine tried to contact me through her site...that was a headache. Hence the reason I personally do not want to try to get a Facebook or MySpace account, I have what I need and if people want to talk, they can call or maybe the old fashioned "text."

Otherwise for people like my brother-n-law who is a very social person, then Facebook is perfect but for me it is too much at this time. I can see how people can stay in touch through groups and that sort of thing.