Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thing 20: Youtube

Thing 20 required us to watch videos on a few and describe what we saw. I used the following questions to guide me about what to write: what were the videos trying to accomplish, how effective were they, and can I think of other uses for videos to help promote libraries or serve the public?

Three libraries which I chose were either in Texas or in Illinois. The first library I chose was in Plano and it talked about the technical services division. The video described what jobs are and the functions of the technical services division. It described the different personnell and jobs, technicians, librarians, etc. I found it overall effective in describing the section of technical services. Out of all three I found this one to be most conservative in the way the instruction was shown on video.

The next video I chose was located near a library where I grew up, Arlington Heights Memorial library, also the technical services department. I was given a few good facts, such as the library processes 300 items a day and there are AMT's which stand for Acquisiiton Material Team. This video was funny and compared the functions of working in a library department to an emergency room. This video was funny and is most effective in teaching people who know nothing about libraries how a library works.

The last video was actually from a college I used to attend over 14 years ago. The college is William Rainey Harper College from Illinois. This video described in general what a library does more specific an Academic library. The video was very funny and made a lasting impression but more so because of the humor and not so because of the information given.

I think videos would be a good way to introduce the public to their library and show patrons some of our weekly and monthly programs.

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