Saturday, June 6, 2009

On to Numero Ocho

Yes, the title is partly in Spanish. MySpace and Facebook are both networking sites that I have heard used many times before but have never delved too much into them...until now.

Facebook is sorta like my new iPhone, serves its purpose but can be overwhelming. The possibilities are endless that I might be able to find an old high school buddy or like what happened on my wife's Facebook, an old girlfriend of mine tried to contact me through her site...that was a headache. Hence the reason I personally do not want to try to get a Facebook or MySpace account, I have what I need and if people want to talk, they can call or maybe the old fashioned "text."

Otherwise for people like my brother-n-law who is a very social person, then Facebook is perfect but for me it is too much at this time. I can see how people can stay in touch through groups and that sort of thing.

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