Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thing 9

Fedor, The Chicago Bears and CNN were the three groups I decided to join on Facebook. For anyone who follows MMA it is an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts and the number one ranked fighter for quite some time has been a fella in the heavyweight division named Fedor Emelianenko. CNN is where I get some of my news and of course, if anyone has been following my blog they know I am from there.

This is the first Facebook page I have done for myself. That being said, my wife did one for us a while ago and I must say I was astonished so many people found me. I never get on Facebook,but my wife is always giving me updates on what people write about me. Not all positive but will leave that for later.

I looked for one person and have no idea if it was that person because there was no picture. Otherwise I enjoyed signing up for the groups.

1 comment:

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