Monday, June 29, 2009

Number 15: You Digg

Digging is cool, plain and simple. I am not talking about going out to the backyard and pulling up a bunch of weeds, I mean Digg. This is one of my favorite sites already because of the great things it can do. For any person who likes to look and see what people like nowadays this site has it all.

In the few minutes that I was able to log in and check the site, I found a lot of good information...information that I find good, I found out how to make the, Matrix "Merovingian Knot," found out about the movie Watchmen and more info on Iran.
The cool thing about Digg is the stuff that interests me is here, from information on the world to simple things like knot ties, movies and computer games. This site is awesome, I love it.

Another good thing is that I am able to use it on the phone as well.

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