Thursday, July 2, 2009

LibraryThing is Thing #16

LibraryThing has some very neat features and it is also a fine addition to my technology addiction. <-----that rhymed... Anyhow, I found a few books which I need and a group. Since I am in my Masters program, I thought it was neat to find there is one such group which lets one post questions about anything having to do with graduate school. I have plenty of questions from, is the degree worth it and the right school? I find the process to be a little frustrating so I joined the group in hopes of learning more.

I was also able to find a few books and the neat thing is I can check up the author and find out other works as well. One of the authors I chose wrote about the iPhone. While I was looking at the authors other works, I found more material which I enjoy such as computer stuff. So that was cool. I was also able to put this on my phone so I can enjoy LibraryThing anywhere.

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